Asbestos Removal in San Antonio and Corpus Christi

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Many products made today do not contain asbestos. Those few products that are made that still contain asbestos are most likely required to be labeled as such. However, until the 1980s, many types of building products and insulation materials used in homes contained asbestos. Asbestos is a dangerous, naturally occurring mineral. The light, fine, and virtually indestructible fibers of free asbestos in the air are easily inhaled into the lungs, wreaking havoc to the human body.

At 1st Choice Abatement & Demolition, we know that Asbestos materials are difficult to locate include vinyl wall coverings, ceiling tiles, and sprayed on "popcorn" textured coatings. For these products, the only way to find the asbestos-containing fibers is to scientifically sample them for testing. The pros at 1st Choice Abatement can take care of the possible asbestos in your home, and get rid of any potential dangers.

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